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By Gary J Bronson; Marie Lee

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11 serves for all the programs you need to write. Until they’re explained more fully, simply regard the first two lines intƒmain()ƒ { as indicating “the program begins here,” and regard the last two lines ƒƒreturnƒ0; } as designating the end of the program. Fortunately, many useful functions and classes have already been written for you. Next, you see how to use an object created from one of these classes to create your first working C++ program. 2 1. (Practice) State whether the following are valid identifiers and if so, whether they’re mnemonic names that convey some idea of their purpose.

Discuss whether adding white space to a message alters the message and whether messages can be considered tokens of C++. c. 5 Common Programming Errors Part of learning any programming language is making the elementary mistakes commonly encountered when you begin using the language. These mistakes tend to be frustrating because each language has its own set of common programming errors lying in wait for the unwary. The errors commonly made when first programming in C++ include the following: 1.

Practice) a. How many cout statements would you use to display the following? 99 b. What’s the minimum number of cout statements that could be used to print the table in Exercise 4a? c. Write a complete C++ program to produce the output shown in Exercise 4a. d. Run the program you wrote for Exercise 4c on a computer. 5. (For thought) In response to a newline escape sequence, cout positions the next displayed character at the beginning of a new line. This positioning of the next character actually represents two distinct operations.

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